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Ryan James





"3719 Broadleaf" (6/2002) starring as "Sam"
"Month of Sundays, A" (11/11/2001) as "young Tomas"
"The Pearl" (2001), co-starring as "young Kino"
"Pharoah's Heart" (1998), starring as "Bennett Hollowell"
"Dogtown" (1997), co-starring as "young Phillip"
 TV Series / Appearances
"Oliver Beene" (2003), recurring as "Young Jerry" (episode "Lord of the
   Ring," "The King and I")
"Bernie Mac Show, The" (2002), co-starring as "Brian" (episode #213,
  "Nut Job")
"Wayne Brady Show, The" (2002), guest-starring (episode #109 - 4/4/02)
"Judging Amy" (1999-2002), guest-starring as "Carl/Sascha"
"Strong Medicine" (2000-2002), guest-starring as "Timmy"
"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (2001-2002), co-starring as "young
   Paul/Pauline Millander"
"E.R." (1994-2001), co-starring as "Nicholas Rafferty"
"State of Grace", recurring as "Brian" (episode #111, "Book by Its Cover, A"
  #215 "Scandalous Behavior")
"The Pretender" (1996-2001), co-starring
"Power Rangers", recurring as "Zika, Magna Defender's son,"
   and as "boy/Psycho Red Ranger."
"Dream Force Angels", lead
"The Tonight Show", co-starring
"The 119", featured
 Special Skills & Attributes
Displays ability to adopt accents and dialects; is quick to use
  foreign-language phrases
Jr. Olympic diver
Talented gymnast
Experienced skier
Golf, baseketball, baseball

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