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Ryan James

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Check out Ryan's PSA here!
Ryan recently completed a PSA (Public Service Announcement) for drug awareness. Check it out by Clicking Here! This is an MP3 file, which needs to be played in Windows Media Player or Winamp.

Ryan back to Beene!
Ryan returns to Fox Network's "Oliver Beene" in the recurring role of young Jerry!

Ryan James brings a vast array of experiences and skills to his acting, which is evident in the variety of characters he has portrayed. While still young and new to the business, he had the opportunity to put his years as a competitive gymnast to use as "Zeka" and "Psycho Red Ranger" in "Power Rangers" episodes. After 7 1/2 years of gymnastics, he shifted to competitive springboard diving, which made it easy for him to do all his own underwater scenes as young "Kino" in the feature film "The Pearl." Perhaps it was his voracious reading that helped him understand the nuances necessary to play the role of "Carl/Sascha" (an 8-year-old boy who believed he was meant to be a girl) in "Judging Amy," and to understand the complexities of the character "Paul/Pauline" in "CSI," and his interest in the arts that made him a natural for the recurring role of "Brian" in "State of Grace." After rising to being one of the top 5 boys in his age group in the region as a Junior Olympic diver, Ryan added dance to his repertoire and now looks forward to a role that will take advantage of his training as an advanced tap and hip-hop dancer. Among his other skills he especially hopes to put to use in future roles are motocross riding and snowboarding.

Ryan's performance, at age 8, as the lead character, Bennett Hollowell, in the film "Pharaoh's Heart" was so remarkable the director is often asked, "Where did you find the kid?" When queried about his most difficult role, Ryan tends to cite playing Bennett, complete with asthma attacks and ultimately dying during an attack. The film won "Best Drama" in the Savannah Festival, tied for second overall in several other festivals, and won top awards in an IndieFlicks Festival.

Ryan was thrilled to work with Rod Steiger in the Atlantic City Film Festival Grand Prize award-winning feature film "A Month of Sundays," as well as being proud of his roles on "ER", "The Pretender," the feature film "Dogtown," recurring in "Oliver Beene" as Oliver's father during flashbacks to his childhood, and "The Bernie Mac Show."

Ryan makes time to enjoy snowboarding, taking his Honda CR85RB out to the track and trails, hiking, biking, golf, tennis, skateboarding, and time with his friends, in addition to being an avid reader. In spite of all these interests, he is committed to his career, to his family ... especially to his nieces and nephew ... and to service with children who are less fortunate. He usually participates in 12-15 events each year with Kids With A Cause, and enjoys contributing his ideas during the youth board meetings. He feels honored to have been selected to represent KWAC as a member of the National Council during 2006. At 16, Ryan wants to continue to work as an actor, volunteer with KWAC, and develop his fledgling design business during the coming years.

"Acting has turned out to be even better than I ever imagined it would be."                 -- Ryan James

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